Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Updates for 2016

Update #1 - Scandinavian Festival 

We have had MANY people asking if we will be back at the Scan Fest this year.  The answer is sadly no, we love this festival but we decided to take this year off from going.  We are sorry to those who will miss us!  We love seeing you all and will miss the fun atmosphere!

Update #2 - NEW SHOW! - Westport Art Festival

That is right!  We are going to a NEW show in August, the 20th & 21st to be exact in Westport, WA.  We are really excited to be there and hope to see some of you there!  Details on show times & dates are below.

Westport Art Festival
August 20th -10am to 5pm
August 21st - 10am to 4pm

Where: Westport, WA
Westport Maritime Museum
2201 Westhaven Dr, Westport WA 98595

Update #3 - We are going on vacation

August 12th through the 21st we will be on a vacation or as Curt calls it, a "Stay-cation" and out of the office.

Shipping: Starting after 10am on August 12th (Friday) through  August 21st (Sunday) there will be no shipping.  All orders received during that time will be shipped out starting on August 22nd (Monday).

Phone Calls, Emails & Customer Comments:
Any phone calls, emails and customer comments coming in between August 13th & August 21st will be returned on August 22nd.

There will be scheduled posts going up on FB but any messages or comments received during our "Stay-Cation" will be returned August 22nd when we are back in the office.

Weekend Farmers Markets:
We WILL still be at the Gresham & Astoria Farmers Markets on the weekends.

That is all of our Updates for August!  If you have any questions, please email us at .

Thank you!
Curt, Judy & Justine Norquist
Goldenwood Soap

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Rainbow of Soap!

Testing new soap colors!
It's a rainbow!  Okay, well maybe not the kind of rainbow you might see after a rain storm, but it sure is pretty none the less! 

I wanted to give everyone a little snapshot into our week.  Judy was busy all afternoon mixing and testing new micas and oxide colorants.  If some of these turn out well they will be used some to create new soaps.  She mentioned to me that she felt like it was Easter and she needed to be dipping eggs *laughs*.  


Thursday, June 4, 2015

We moved! (out to our new shop)

Yes we FINALLY made the big move out to our new soap shop.  Truth be told we have been out here for a few weeks but we wanted the dust to settle and just get used to our new rhythm, meaning we no longer work on top of one another (SO much space!).  So without further adieu welcome to our new Soap Kitchen!

The main hub, AKA Soap Making Station

The other side, the less main hub ;).

The Soap Kitchen, in all its beauty.
The Soap Queen's Station (AKA Judy's desk)
The Indentured Servant's Area (AKA Curt & Justine's desks)
Another angle of both desks (and our pretty view!)
Our AMAZING view while washing soap dishes.

Our soap curing room, it smells SOO good!

Judy has been BUSY!

I hope you enjoyed the small little tour!  It has been SUCH a blessing from God to finally be out here.  Have a great day everyone!  - Justine - AKA Judy and Curt's daughter

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eleanor Rose

One of these is not like the others....
While our herd is primarily LaManchas we decided to add something a little different into the family.  Meet Ages Ago Acres Eleanor Rose (the long eared on the left),  Ellie is our 14wk old, purebred Nubian doe kid transplanted all the way from Couch, Missouri.  While I am not branching out from my wonderful earless wonders I found myself missing having an eared goat in my herd, and come on how can you say no to such a cute face?

I am loving having Lil' Miss Ellie here, not only is she sweet as sugar & a cuddle bug but she fits in like she always lived here.  Eleanor lives for her morning snuggles and never misses out on the chance to nibble your nose, she is a fun addition and I love having a long eared Nubian back in the herd.

Her first day here consisted of terrorizing all the other kids with the large appendages hanging from her head.  I shouldn't have laughed like I did but it was too funny to see porr Ellie trying to make friends only to have the other kids run away.  No worries because that turned out to be a great thing, it allowed her to slip right into the herd and avoid being bullied, which can happen quite often when introducing a new member.  

While it took a week or so for everyone to settle down and now she has become fast friends with my two oldest girls also featured in the photo (Sarah and Faline).  They are never far from each other, whether it be out in the pasture or in the barn you can always find them getting into some sort of mischief.

It is a wonderful sight to see those large ears flapping in the wind when all the kids come racing into the barn :).

Eleanor says "Hello!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cupcake Making Progress

For those that have seen some of my soap cupcakes on facebook, here's how I'm progressing on learning to make them.

"Clementine Cupcake" cupcake soaps with hearts made from leftover soap on top. Not bad.

Hmm. I think the room was tilting when I made some of these. These are scented with lavender and mint.

Two steps forward, and one giant step back. I used the wrong frosting tip and the soap started to get too hard before I could finish piping it. This is scented with lavender and mint too.

My best attempt so far. Yep, lavender and mint scented.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Clove Bud Scented Soap

I was perusing my blog and realized I don't have any soap making pictures. So below I show the steps I go through for making a, clove bud scented, goat milk, Bath Bar Soap. So for those that are curious, here ya go!

I start with weighing and melting my oils.

My lye is weighed and ready.

Next I take my bag of frozen goat milk out of the freezer, chop it up into smaller chunks, and put it in a stainless steel bowl. The chemical reaction of adding lye to milk causes the milk to heat up considerably. Freezing the goat milk keeps this reaction cooler thus keeping the sugar in the milk from burning and turning a brownish yellow when combined with the lye.

Adding the lye ( a little at a time) to the frozen milk. Adding too fast and you can get burnt milk.

The lye's chemical reaction starts to melt the milk.

All the lye has been added and dissolved and the milk is almost completely melted and ready to be added to the oils. The milk has stayed nice and white in color.

Here I am adding the the milk/lye mixture to the melted oils. I always use a strainer when doing so. This prevents any undissolved bits of lye from getting into the mixture and creating unwanted "lye pockets" in the finished soap.

Now that the milk/lye solution has been added to the melted oils, I use a stick blender to mix the raw soap.

Here's my clove bud fragrance oil measured and waiting to be added.

The fragrance oil has now been added and I'm continuing to hand blend the soap till it reaches the right consistency for pouring.

The soap has now been poured in molds aka pvc pipes. I've placed a thermometer in the soap to keep an eye on the temperature. Allowing the soap to get too warm will burn the milk that's in the soap. You really have to watch temperature when working with milk soaps.

Keeping detailed notes is essential in soap making, especially when trying new recipes and fragrances.

Here I'm checking the temperature of the soap. The saponification process generate heats and if the soap gets too hot, too fast, not only will it burn the milk, it can actually do what soapmaker's call "volcano", which means the soap gets hot enough to expand up and out of your soap mold. It's very reminiscent of lava pouring out of a volcano, thus the name.

It's the next morning and I've unmolded the soap.

The soap got a little too warm causing it to expand and crack in the mold. This is more of a cosmetic problem but I made a note of this in my records and next time I'll try and keep temps a little lower when I make this soap.

Here's the soap being cut on our home made soap cutter.

Here's the soap cut and ready to be put out on our curing
racks. This soap had no colorants added, but the fragrance oil did cause it to discolor to a lovely tan. It fits the fragrance so I don't mind. After 6 weeks cure time this soap will be ready to use!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Candle Melt Scents!

English Lemon Curd: The traditional British spread made with fresh squeezed lemons, fresh grated lemon zest, whole eggs, pure cane sugar, and farm fresh butter, cooked to a creamy, thick perfection. A wonderful blend of tart and sweet with lots of lemony goodness! * I've tested many, many, lemon scents and found them to be either too similar to that of a kitchen cleaner, or fading miserably after 2-3 hours in the warmer. I'm pleased to say this does neither and it is truly a delectable lemon fragrance.

Garden Zucchini Bread: Sweet zucchini bread with notes of vanilla, lemon zest, cinnamon and nutmeg. Sliced, warm from the oven, and ready for butter! *I don't think I've smelled a candle melt that makes my mouth water like this one. I, and the rest of my family, think this smells exactly like zucchini bread!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Thick, chewy, and warm from the oven. Made with oodles of whole rolled oats, moist sweet raisins, sweetened with light brown sugar, and spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Truly the best of the best! * Ohhh, talk about comfort fragrance, this is it!
Hot Butter Rum: A popular winter drink since the colonial times, this dark rum infused with brown sugar, creamy butter, vanilla extract and spicy cloves. A rich and classic rum aroma.
* The authentic rum notes gives this fragrance depth and richness. It's also unique in that it's a sweet fragrance (though not overly) that is neither fruit, floral or bakery based.

NEW! - French Vanilla: Finding a good french vanilla has taken me many months of trying numerous samples, and finally after finding one that measures up to our standards, it gets discontinued by the supplier:( Back to the drawing board. But the good news is I found one that is even better than the original. This new French Vanilla is a little stronger, lasts longer, and has a richer vanilla fragrance.

* Denotes my personal notes on each fragrance.